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Globalpeace Campus Spanien Al-Ándalus

The first Globalpeace Campus is to be built in Moixent/Mogente in the former Al Andalus (8th to 15th century). Al Andalus with its knowledge centres at that time, Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla, Toledo and Valencia, has at that time through the peace between the religions become the region with a, also economic, Golden Age and fantastic buildings, such as the Alhambra in Granada, from which the humanistic and scientific 1st Enlightenment throughout Europe got decisive impulses. Even today, the monuments in Al Andalus continue to act as jewels of architecture and building culture as well as of the unification of religions and have also developed a cultural tourism through the longing of the people for a global peace between the religions which today contributes decisively to the prosperity of the regions and cities. The Globalpeace Campus in Moixent/Mogente will have a similar cultural and historical attraction as the Stone Age Caves, the Pyramids, Stonehenge and the Alhambra because the 2nd Enlightenment is the most important step towards the humanistic development of mankind.

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Alhambra Granada

With the architectural concept of the Globalpeace Campus, for the first time in the world an architecture of peace between the religions has been implemented in which each building has its architectural expressiveness and fits harmoniously into the cultural concept of the peoples, the 2nd Enlightenment as well as with the park an overall architecture as a symbol for a new global Golden Age.


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The town of Mogente/Moixent

Mogente or Moixent is a municipality in the Comarca Costera in the region of Valencia, Spain. The municipality includes the ruins of Bastida de les Alcusses, one of the most important Iberian archaeological sites of the Comunidad Valenciana.