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The first Globalpeace Campus will be built in Southern Europe, Spain, in one of the largest cultural tourism centres in the world, the old AL Andalus, with one hour drive from Valencia airport, near a port and with train station and motorway exit and near the city of Moixent/Mogente. Between 300,000 and one million day tourists are expected per year.

Five more Globalpeace Campus Centres are to be built on different continents in order to realize the 2nd Enlightenment from the cultural points in the world.

Further Centres
We are looking for properties in North-East Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Asia with planning permission for a Globalpeace Campus use and good motorway traffic connections near a major city with international airport as well as in the catchment area of a historically important cultural point of mankind.

Countries, governments and municipalities which want to lead their population or inhabitants to the top of prosperity by the 2nd Enlightenment of the Cultural Monument Globalpeace Campus into a golden age of prosperity and health will be considered in the selection of the plots with first priority.

Since the financial budgets of the municipalities and countries are tight, the establishment of a Globalpeace Campus will have to be realized without the financial support of the municipality, the state or provincial government. Each Globalpeace Campus finances itself through ethical capitalism, sponsors and donations that are anchored in the concept and consistently applied.

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