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In the beginning was the word: the building in the form of a book embodies all the information of the Holy Books of Religions.

The information, which according to Liedtke's theory i = E = MC2 is structured at different speeds as the basis of space, gravity, time, energy, matter and DNA as well as the genes of the world, becomes in Liedtke's concept the building in the Globalpeace Campus in book form. It also symbolizes the future of cell rejuvenation research for all people and houses the Innovation Monastery, the Inventors' Hostel, the Philosophers' Pension, three- and four-star hotels, the University of Innovation and is equipped with a lobby as an exhibition space for temporary exhibitions, the Genetic and Epigenetic Research Center for Cell Rejuvenation, a Health and Cell Rejuvenation Physician Center, a fitness center, management offices and a media center.

Código Universo = world formula TOE

The uprooted man who cannot explain to himself where he comes from, where he goes, what the meaning of his life is, and that he SELF is an image of creation, is easily manipulated from all negative information and experiences and as behavioral research as well as history shows, to the most negative actions.

A scientific world formula of everything offers the religions, as well as the atheists, the possibility to find their own insights through the understanding of creation, despite all independence, in other faiths or in the natural sciences. I have made the attempt to bring man closer to the reader as a spiritual image of creation and to unite him with the Creator independently of religions. We will find out whether I have succeeded in this when the world population has increased many times over and every human being can live permanently in dignity and peace. A scientific and spiritual formula unites religions and peoples.

Is there evidence of God or creation?

Within a closed system of thought, an open, creative social system and God can only be understood with difficulty. In an open system, on the other hand, the sciences can provide the sought-after proofs of God. Four proofs of God or creation can be derived from the open system described so far.

Creativity is the law of nature and evolution, in an open system. It is empirically proven through neurobiology, gene research and behavioural research (and thus God).

As history shows, wars or closed social systems can only last for a limited time, even by mental isolation and suppression of the population, and they repeatedly pass over to open systems, to creativity and freedom of creation as the source of our existence, to God. God becomes statistically comprehensible through our history.

God's non-interference in this world also proves his existence, since he is already present in the world as an open system in being and not being. As natural science or more precisely quantum physics shows, an intervention in an open system can only produce a closed system, so God would limit himself, creation and ultimately dissolve himself in the universe as well as in the 4th dimension. Every spiritual sealing off of man by man, temporarily clouded by fears of the future God and an open creative social system, thus a NEW WORLD in peace, freedom and prosperity. If God or a creative open system does not exist, a closed system, the non-existence, would be the result: world, evolution, existence, movement, time, space, matter, change, creativity, an expanding universe, nothing, the laws of nature and infinity would not be possible.

In an open system, in the universe or in a newly emerging universe, first experiences of the emerging being are shaping the laws of nature. Accordingly, in parts of isolated universes of the micro- or macro-cosmos, changed, previously unknown or new laws of nature can prevail, which the research of elementary particle physics and astrophysics as well as an infinite universe will reveal and clarify to us as proofs of God.

One thing is certain:
human creativity is anchored in the laws of evolution, it corresponds to our nature and to creation. To uncover the creativity and intelligence of mankind, that is God's mission today, which can be derived from all religions to mankind. Niklas Luhmann says about the innovation formula and the power of creation in man::

One could think of an evolutionary achievement.
Once invented and introduced, it enables itself to.

Creativity is the original and only energy source of nature and man, which with the introduction of the Código Universo and the increase of the world population will grow inexhaustibly and will always produce more resources than all human beings can ever consume. The religions, the billions of believers with their creative energy supply through beliefs, visions as well as ideas, plans, the materialized works of art, inventions, objects and the technology of man over thousands of years are therefore to be rebalanced, they are also evidence of the ever more strongly developing creative power in the world.

The creative age has already begun.
After a long time of dogmas of faith, the religions will have to renew themselves and accompany us, since the materialization and democratization of God, the Paradise, through which man will be his new task, with which they can make a decisive contribution to a lasting life and paradise on earth in their important traditional task of shaping this development, from man to God, that we are God or the spiritual reality of the God conceived by man, who, as research results on creativity, art and evolution show, is present with us (and all forms of life and energy) in us and leads our brain network evolutionarily on the way through the laws of nature and the advancing creativity of man into an open ethical life system. If the religions give up their claim to power as a closed system, they will be able to survive in humanity, which is moving faster and faster towards God, and increase the number of their believers through the knowledge of creation. A new ethic from the point of view of paradise, the divine state of the population, will show us the way to materialize God in us, with us.

Quantum, Faith and Science
The Código Universo opens completely new pages of faith and knowledge when we apply quantum physics to man to verify his position of faith in God. Accordingly, man is a creature of God and creator of his world and the world.

If quantum physics is applied to religions and their information positions, their autonomies and their truthfulness in the universe, the verification shows that religions and believers are separate and yet form a unity in the Creator or in creation. This process of becoming the Creator-Knowing becomes visible in the formulas i = E = MC2 or i = E and i = M.

The formulas show the union of believers, religions, atheists* and agnostics* to become creation-knowledge, (besides their DNA relationship) to a humanity.

What changes through the formulas in the minds?

  1. Schöpfungswissende können mit Hilfe der Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften die Schöpfungskraft im Universum empirisch nachweisen.
  2. Die Formeln vereinen die Menschen, Religionen und Völker zur einer um ihre Schöpfungskraft wissende Menschheit mit einer offenen Zukunft.
  3. Sie belegen den, um seine göttliche Kraft Wissenden, dass er in der Schöpfungskraft (Gott) des Universums naturwissenschaftlich (physikalisch) und geisteswissenschaftlich sowie biologisch eingebunden ist und er systemimmanent über Kreativität, Persönlichkeit und Würde verfügt.
  4. Sie fördern Liebe, Freude, Zuversicht, Gesundheit, Wohlstand unter gleichzeitiger und stetig steigender Reduzierung der gegenteiligen Bereiche für alle Menschen und Völker. 

But those without knowing whether their non-belief (atheists) or non-knowledge (agnostics) is also only a variation of faith without knowing, so they can also be counted among the believers.

The rule of three to the realities of God:
No information is information and therefore creation.
The quantum-less nothing, with its information, lies in the origin of creation such as space, gravity, motion, dark energy, dark matter, energy and mass.

Since information is equal to creation, the physical conservation law of information also proves the conservation law for creation or God.

But with this God is empirically proven scientifically.

Quantum-less and quantum-bound - creations are time- and space-less with the new creation or the event a creation unit, in which speeds and transformations as well as creation networks and creations and events are produced by creations or events, whose origin is the spatial and temporal infinite possibility to produce quantum-less and quantum-bound -creations, in which no creation gets lost or can be destroyed in the unity of creation.

I = E = MC2 or = M (Creation = Mass or Information)

The conservation formula of creation:
i or innovation = M = i or innovation

(i = information) Innovation without information does not exist.