Shares Free


The investments, share and art concepts designed in ethical capitalism are equipped with securities, guarantees and high returns for the investor, user and user. This results in new direct structuring of profits for the benefit of investors, new incomes and assets in the middle of the population beyond the old financial and profit skimming systems, as well as the beginning of a better distribution of equity assets in society. With the distribution of real estate stocks around the world, visitors can feel symbolically and materially at home in addition to the spiritual home offered by the Globalpeace Campus.

The free shares offered by the "Globalpeace Campus INC" real estate company:

1. one free share for each of the people who register as peace supporters of the Globalpeace Campus

Shares Free

The extended range: works of art with share packages

You can receive further share packages with the purchase of a certified, limited work of art. The artwork with the unstgutachten "Artinvest" is a long-term investment..

Buy share packages with art