Equity gain

Equity gain

The share valuations per share of the Globalpeace Campus INC are fixed as a gift at 0 US Dollar or 0 Euro. The value of the shares is calculated before the IPO by independent international auditors after the project has started after the building license. Until the IPO, the stock has no value and is not taxable. Please ask your tax office or your tax consultant.

Profit: The Globalpeace Campus INC is to be admitted to trading on the stock exchange at the determined value per share according to an expert opinion of an international auditing company.
A stock exchange opening price of 19.50 euros per share is planned.

Profit: The shares of Globalpeace Campus INC will be admitted to trading on the stock exchange. Share price loss is not possible as the shares did not cost you a cent. With this free entry price of the shares you can make for the first time with shares only profits.

Profit: The share value of the Globalpeace Campus INC rises in the long term because the Globalpeace Campus INC owns 51% of the commercial and residential yield property Innovationsfabrik. Innovation Market, Holy Books involved in the GP Campus and these returns generated in the cultural and hotel tourism wasteland as well as in cultural tourism marketing for the Globalpeace Campus and brings to the region of Valencia numerous new visitors.

Profit: Religions, governments and international organizations participate as shareholders in the Globalpeace Campus INC to promote peace.